Delight in Truth: Game Changer in the Fight Against Barnevernet


After a weekend of global anti-Barnevernet (Norway Child Protection Services) protests, something amazing is happening. It is tangible in the media, and while it cannot be quantified mathematically, it is in the air.

What is it?


Victims of Barnevernet have renewed hope. They are watching the international drama unfold on TV in Europe, on news sites, and on blogs like this one.

For example, in recent days 35,000 visitors have arrived to this site from social media links and from searching terms like “barnevernet abuse,” “bodnariu,” and “barnevernet targeting immigrants.”

Norwegian lawyer and leading anti-Barnevernet activist Marius Reikeras visited Elim Romanian Church in Chicago last night, and he communicated to the several hundred people attending the worship service that the Norwegian media has covered the mass protests going on in Europe and America. The victims saw the protests!

This has invigorated the hope of parents who have not seen their children in months or years. He said hope is a powerful thing. Delight in Truth agrees 100%… hope cannot be overestimated in the midst of suffering. When someone loses hope, the battle is essentially lost.

But Barnevernet victims have received an infusion of precious hope from a united global Romanian Evangelical front made up of hundreds of thousands of believers. 

The fight has just began! Just watch this movement intensify over time! A pastor referred to the Romanian Pentecostal church as the “sleeping giant” who has awakened.

Numerous, well articulated arguments have been made against skeptics and Barnevernet defenders in the comment sections of news articles. When it comes to the most precious gift of all, our children, the activist in all of us is awakened.

Norwegian authorities are in fact feeling the pressure. They closed the Norway embassy in London last Friday, and they removed the flag during the protest. They kept the Norwegian ambassador from meeting with the protesters in Washington, DC. They are ashamed of what is happening world-wide.

In addition to Marius Reikeras, there are other Norwegian activists who have been motivated by our protests. Marianne Skanland is a professor and anti-Barnevernet activist in Norway who has commented frequently here and given insight into how the Norwegian system operates. Please look for her comments here in recent articles and visit her site (use google translate to read.)

We now hope for more than just the return of the Bodnariu kids. We hope for the re-unification of other families who have fallen victims to this system.

We hope for the radical overhaul of Barnevernet.

Please get the word out. Share these articles, so the world may know the truth!


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