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Too much freedom at Norwegian religious schools?

Freedom of religion in Norway offers extensive protection to what can be taught in parochial schools. But do the statutes go too far in protecting religious freedoms to the detriment of other fundamental freedoms?

Are there limits on the kinds of discriminatory statements a teacher in a religious school in Norway can make to his or her students?

Vibeke Blaker Strand, who has studied safeguards against discrimination with respect to the practice of religion, thinks not.

“Protection against discrimination on the national level is interpreted as inapplicable to religion classes at private schools,” she says. “Freedom of religion takes priority.”

Strand has recently completed her PhD at the University of Oslo’s Department of Public and International Law on the issue.

She says that the underpinning of the current legislation explicitly states that oral expression is exempted from laws that protect people from discrimination. Continue reading Too much freedom at Norwegian religious schools?