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Billy Graham – Emoționant mesaj, vizionat deja de peste 2 miliarde de oameni!


Billy GBilly Graham:

The Cross from My Hope for America


Dacă privim la cruciadele lui Billy Graham și la felul în care a lucrat Dumnezeu prin el, ca și prin alți mari evangheliști, ni se mărește credința că Dumnezeu va găsi și   ridica un astfel de om care să stea în spărtură și să vorbească cu putere ceea ce vrea Dumnezeu să spună lumii de azi.

Să ne rugăm ca Dumnezeu să lucreze și în aceste zile spre Gloria Lui și pentru mântuirea oamenilor. Amin.


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Similarities and differences between Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.

As  a  shadow  of  darkness  engulfed  a  life of sadness and impurity led by one young educated woman it would take an extraordinary moment that would allow her to grow, evolve, and finally be saved this is the story that Elsa Easton lives to share. During a recent visit to Living Waters Romania Church Elsa Easton shared her personal journey that brought her back to her lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Elsa who was born in the United States while her father was completing his degree in Colorado was relocated to her father’s homeland of New Zealand at a very young age. The move prompted by both personal and financial reasons for the family, her father in search of job security, and her mother in need of affordable medical treatment for the cancer that was waging war on her body. Having family still living in America Elsa has the opportunity to visit every few years which she enjoys doing. Continue reading Similarities and differences between Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.