Czechs protest Barnevernet


Several hundred marched in Prague’s city center

Published: 17 January 2016 Written by Raymond Johnston

A protest in Prague against the Child Welfare Service of Norway (Barnevernet) on Jan. 16 drew hundreds of participants.

The Barnevernet recently took a nine-month-old baby girl born with a congenital kidney ailment away from her mother, who was of Czech origin. The Norwegian agency claims the parents did not have sufficiently developed contact with the baby and placed her in foster care.

Another case involving a Czech mother began in 2011.

The Barnevernet has also taken children from parents with other national origins and has recently fallen under international criticism. Similar protests were held earlier this week in Oslo and also London and Bucharest. Ones in Vienna and Moscow were held the same day as the Prague event.  Protests are planned for Bratislava, Warsaw and Kolkata, according to organizers of the Prague protest.

The Prague protest began in front of the Norwegian Embassy in Malá Strana and went though the city center.

Marchers carried banners in multiple languages saying that children belong to the family and not the state, fight against Barnevernet, Barnevernet family destroyer, and similar slogans.

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